Beta Bridge Photography Show

University of Virginia – McIntire School of Commerce

January 2021 – June 2021

This photography project focuses on the University of Virginia’s Beta Bridge and was inspired by frequent walks past the beloved landmark on grounds in the fall of 2020. These photographs capture Beta Bridge up close and separate it from its locational context. As a result, the colors, textures, and patterns of the paint layers are free to become abstract pieces of artwork all on their own. The dynamism, contrast, and intricacy of these images prompt the viewer to ponder the stories behind these paint topographies.

Considering the deeper symbolism of Beta Bridge, this indispensable structure reflects the evolution, messages, and generations of individuals that belong to and have, quite literally, left a mark on UVA. Beta Bridge symbolizes strength and solidarity, and its layers of paint likewise exhibit the beauty in the layers of the UVA community. This art show strives to build upon these values and give back to the members of the University of Virginia. Therefore, to tackle specific identified needs surrounding food insecurity within the UVA community, 60% of each sale during the show period was donated to the McIntire Food Pantry.

Following the show, 10 photo panels continue to hang in Rouss & Robertson Halls at the University of Virginia as part of the McIntire Art and Commerce Committee’s permanent collection. (See below for photo panels included in the collection.)

If there is any interest in purchasing photographs displayed in the show or other images I have captured of Beta Bridge, please contact me. The photos included in the show were printed on aluminum panels with dimensions of 24″x16″. I would be more than happy to discuss other options around the material and size of prints if desired.