Cosmic Recycling

Relief Print | 9″x5.5″ | 2021

Life’s no picnic, but was it sweet?

Relief Print | 4″x4″ | 2021

Simpler Times

Relief Print | 8″x8″ | 2021

Heart Beats

Relief Print | 4.5″x3″ | 2021

No Fishing

Relief Print | 11″x8.5″ | 2020

Spring 2020


Intaglio Etching 12″x6″ | Spring 2020

Chaos is an intaglio etching that deals with the themes of the unknown, loneliness, and the desire to find connection and meaning in human existence. In Hesiod’s Theogony, chaos is the origin of the universe, but unlike our quotidian usage of the word “chaos”, in this case it means “gaping” or space for things to happen in. In this piece, the imagery and air of mystery and ambiguity developed in the background provide an opportunity for discovery and reflection.

Bird Nest Head

Intaglio Etching 12″x7.5″ | Spring 2020

Bird Nest Head is an intaglio etching that serves to some extent as a self-portrait or response to the “what’s in/on your head” prompt that I was never assigned but wanted to respond to. On one hand, while I have been told that my hair looks like a bird’s nest, I spend a lot of time thinking about what ‘hope’ means and how I can embody it in my life. Hope is symbolized by the baby birds, in accordance with the poetry of Emily Dickinson; indeed, my hopes and dreams are abundant and seem as insatiable as the gaping birds on my head.

Like the Generations of Leaves

Relief Print 24″x14.5″ | Spring 2020

This piece is a linocut inspired by a reading from my Greek mythology class this semester in which the “lives of mortal men” are described as being “like the generations of leaves”. This work strives to illustrate the message of the literature and reflect upon the cycles of life and death that define human existence.

Heart in the Pom of my Hand

Relief Print 27.5″x21.5″ | Spring 2020

Heart in the Pom of my Hand is a woodcut that stems from an image I’ve had in my head for a long time that in some sense captures my conception of love, as well as the notion of unconditional love. As human beings we expose ourselves in a beautiful and vulnerable way by giving pieces of our heart to others and forging meaningful and flourishing relationships. If we are lucky, we get to have love that runs through our veins and lasts our whole lives and beyond.

Ripples in Time

Relief Print 8″x8″ | Spring 2020

This piece is a woodcut that deals with a variety of concepts including but not limited to the butterfly effect and the law of conservation of matter. The movement and symbolism of this piece seek to convey the idea that we can supersede our physical deaths of these lifetimes because (1) although each of our lives our fleeting, our mere existence creates ripples in the world around us, and (2) the atoms that compose our bodies will never die, since they have been and will continue to be elements of the universe we currently occupy.

The Giving Me

Relief Print | 6’x2′ | Spring 2020

The Giving Me is my life-size print from this semester, which I completed using linocut techniques. This piece deals with the themes of personal evolution and cycles of self-perception. The metaphor of cutting one’s self down and building one’s self back up is interpreted in a literal way in the imagery of this work.

Fall 2019

The Bee’s Knees

Relief Print | 10″x8″ | Fall 2019

The Scapegoat

Relief Print | 8″x10″ | Fall 2019

We Three Kings

Intaglio Etching | 9″x8″| Fall 2019

Cock-A-Doodle-Doo, Rise and Shine

Multi-Plate Intaglio Etching| 6″x6″ | Fall 2019

 A Fluid Chain of Blessings

Relief Print | 24″x9.5″| Fall 2019

Spring 2019

The Wish Woman

Intaglio Etching| Spring 2019

Rise and Grind

Stone Lithograph| 12.5″x7″| Spring 2019

Now I Can See

Relief Print – Woodcut Color Reduction | Spring 2019

Make America Grape Again

Stone Lithograph | 12.5″x7″ | Spring 2019

Fall 2018

Twisted Words and Wicked Tongues Will Never Define Who I Become

Intaglio Etching| 6.5″x6″| Fall 2018

Biloba Blessings

Intaglio Etching| 6″x4″|Fall 2018

Something Old, Something New, Something Orange, Something Blue

Intaglio Etching | Fall 2018